My favourite things

Building My Robot

  • my team is: Team 2
  • my team members are: Kerim, Brandon
  • my robot is named: Boty
  • my experience with building my robot was: Nice
    • First we built the robot
    • Then we got the code from online
    • Then we created a new Java project called “BumperCar”
    • Then we added the Libraries
    • Then we converted the Project
    • Then we uploaded the code to Boty
    • Image
    • This is what the robot did: It goes around and when it hits a wall it turns and continues.


Algorithms and Objects

  • What is the difference between float and int?
  • Float uses a decimal, int uses whole numbers.
  • What are three sorting algorithms and how are they different?
  • Bubble sort, Shell sort, Insertion sort. They all have different techniques.
  • What is the difference between an operator and an operand?
  • What do I find in the console window in Eclipse?
  • I couldn’t understand.
  • What is the difference between an IDE and a text editor?
  • Text editors only changes and makes your text correct but in an IDE you can program something
  • What do I call a loop that never ends?
  • Infinite loop.
  • What is AI?
  • Artificial Inelegance.
  • What do I find most confusing right now?
  • I find calculating a bit confusing.
  • Image


Data Types and Data Structures

  • What is the difference between a Data Type and a Data Structure?
  • A Data Type is a classification identifying one of various types of data and a Data Structure is a group of Data Types.
  • An Array is a arrangement of objects.
  • It is a database.
  • You start from the back of the list and compare every single number till they are all in place.
  • What is an Algorithm?
  • It is a step by step procedure for calculation.
  • How does a person convert from Binary to Decimal? You must, show how you would convert 101101 in Binary to Decimal.
  •  You can translate it by using the powers of two by starting from the right. Then take the resulting numbers and multiply them with the code. Then add the resulting numbers up and get the code. For example 101101 = 45…images